How to buy

So Why Choose Us?


  • We offer straightforward assistance to help you obtain the required NIE number
  • We can open your very own bank account here in Spain which is a legal requirement when purchasing a property.
  • If required we can assist when applying for a mortgage here in Spain.
  • Our lawyers and team of skillful advisors, (Real Estate market specialists), will represent your interests and needs with the best guidance and execution from the first moment of the property purchase process, including change of utilities, taxes, etc.
  • To make you feel more at home, Home Pandora offers furnishing and interior design services too.
  • If you wish to upgrade and refurbish your property, our team of architects and contractors will take good care of your particular needs
  • We also offer sworn translation services.

Our team will take you through the process of buying your home in Spain from the beginning to the end. Here at Home Pandora we believe in going that extra mile. This includes airport pick up and drop off to the location of your choice. Furthermore we can also book accommodation in the area for you upon request. We can plan your visit to make the best possible use of time to buy your new home here in Spain.

Once you have made the decision to invest we will accompany you to the bank and assist in opening your new account. Also helping obtain your NIE number or any other necessary documentation. We assure you legal help from our advisors, both in the process of preparation of the contracts and at the time of signing and thereafter.

Our services also go above and beyond with our after-sales. We are ready to help you and won't just leave you when the keys are handed over. If you are buying property to invest we will advise you every step of the way and will even assist you in renting your property to optimise investment. If you wish to enjoy your home in Spain when you want but don't like leaving it unoccupied? Don't worry you are in safe hands with Home Pandora who will ensure your property is looked after and maintained even when you are not there!  Want to know more? Then click or call and let Home Pandora do it all!.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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